Poet Laureate Presents: Sound & Poetry

November 4, 2017 at 4:30pm

Come to the Words Festival for the Poet Laureate Presents, "Sound & Poetry," featuring a stellar cast of writers and musicians. 

Where: Museum London, Lecture Theatre
When: 4th of November, Saturday afternoon, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Cost: FREE and open to all ages
Our host: London's Poet Laureate Tom Cull

Please join us for a special Words edition of Poet Laureate Presents. Four separate performances involving fourteen artists (poets, electronic musicians, instrumental musicians, singer-song writers) investigate the overlap (overt lapping) of sound and poetry. 

1. Alex Schmoll and Angie Quick create a unique poetic soundscape in tribute to John Cage.

2. Sound and Poetry with Erik Mandawe and Jessica Hay. 

3. Local Haunts (David Janzen) performs 'Folk Modern,' a series of pieces written by David Janzen and poet Andy Verboom. Drawing from American folk music and modernist poetry, Folk Modern strives to hold these two distinct traditions alongside one another, giving their rhythms and sounds both autonomy and synchronicity.

4. Max Lucas and Faith Patrick play a game of Hands--A card game they designed for creating improvisational, chance-based composition. They will be joined by Koine Project: Melissa Tipson-Mohr (clarinet), Eric Mohr (bassoon), Alice Hansen (violin/viola), Max Lucas (Violin), Christina Willatt (voice, keyboards), Susanne Murphy (keyboards), and Tomas Bouda (bass).

Authors & Presenters