Andy Verboom

Andy Verboom hails from subrural Nova Scotia and currently resides in London, Ontario, where he edits the Word Hoard, a literature and humanities journal, and organizes Couplets, a collaborative poetry reading series.

His poetry is forthcoming or has recently appeared in VallumThe PuritanArc Poetry MagazineContemporary Verse 2BafterC, and the anthology Hours a Minute: Poems about YouTube Videos (Desert Pets Press, 2015). He has won Descant‘s Winston Collins Prize for Best Canadian Poem (2014) and has been shortlisted for Arc’s Poem of the Year (2016).

He is the author of Tower (Anstruther Press, 2016) and co-author (with David Huebert) of Full Mondegreens, winner of the 2016 Frog Hollow Press Chapbook Contest.

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