Mark Laliberte

Mark Laliberte is a visual artist, designer, writer, curator and soundmaker with an MFA from the University of Guelph. He has exhibited and performed extensively in galleries and festivals across Canada and the USA; he is the managing editor and designer of Carousel.

Laliberte has had pageworks, poems and other print experiments appear in publications big and small, including Descant, Lantern, Misunderstandings, Other Cl/utter, Pilot, prairie fire, Prefix Photo, Rampike, subTerrian and Vallum. In early 2010, BRICKBRICKBRICK, a full-length book of visual poems, was released with BookThug. Later in the year, GREY SUPREME 1, a print-based "project platform" initiated by the artist as a way to collect his short-form experiments with image, text and hybrid literary forms, debuted with Koyama Press. Laliberte is currently working on both GREY SUPREME 2 and his next full-sized comic-poetry manuscript, tentatively titled BalloonCloudBubble.

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