Born in Winnipeg, Canada, IsKwé (pronounced Is-kway) has been surrounded by creative inspiration her whole life. Growing up in a family of artists, her innate passion for all things music was nurtured from a young age.

Iskwé draws upon her Cree/Dene (Aboriginal) roots to produce a sound that is totally unique. Booming bass lines and heavy beats, combined with her spine- tingling vocals and classical piano influences define her distinctive offering of Eclectic Soul.

Bridging cross-cultural aesthetics while exploring her own struggle to both fit into and breakaway from modern Western archetypes has been an important part of iskwē’s artistic vision since the release of her WCMA nominated self-titled debut album in late 2013. Her lead single “Nobody Knows,” produced by Juno Award nominees The Darcys and featured in the Netflix series Between, captivated audiences by turning a stark spotlight on the more than 1200 missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

Unafraid to challenge the convictions of her detractors by honouring her heritage, standing steadfast in her viewpoints, iskwē’s artistry knows no bounds. Blending soulful, breathlessly delivered lyrics

coloured by the many shades of human nature with a sonic palette that takes its cue from the shadowy atmospherics of the 1990s Bristol sound, iskwē’s music revels in her strength of self and that is her true rallying cry.

iskwē garnered a win at the 2017 West Coast Music Awards (WCMA) for Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year and her 2017 album The Fight Within recently received a JUNO nomination for Indigenous Music Album Of The Year.

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