Joan E. Greer

Joan E. Greer, PhD Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (Professor, University of Alberta), teaches the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture. Her research engages with issues of artistic identity, landscape art, the history of environmentalism, and theories of nature and ecological envisioning, both historically (most particularly in the long nineteenth century) and in contemporary art and design, with a special interest in The Netherlands and Belgium. Her ongoing major research project is entitled “Visualizations of Nature in Nineteenth-Century Dutch Print Culture: Religion, Science, Art”.

Greer is a member of three national and international collaborative research-creation projects; a founding member of the University of Alberta Faculty of Arts/ALES Environmental Studies (ES) Programme; an ongoing member of the U of A Science and Technology in Society (STS), and Religious Studies (RS) interdisciplinary programmes; and a member of the leadership team in the U of A Faculty of Arts Mediating Science and Technology Signature Area.

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