Doug Mitchell

Doug Mitchell is a London, Ontario-based multimedia artist who works with many different mediums such as: painting, sculpture, sound, photography and illustrations amongst others. In the past he worked as the stop-motion animation instructor for a program through the Gallery of Stratford, Stratford, Ontario, and has recently retired from his position at Western University as the Sculpture Studio instructor.

Currently, he is working full time as an artist. Doug is a graduate from the Ontario College of Art with a degree with a four year A.O.C.A. His contributions towards the Embassy Cultural House include curating Tom Benner’s exhibit : ‘The Coves’, and poet Christopher Dewdney’s: 'Landscape Reading' which both took place April, 1990.

Doug has also participated in shows at the Embassy Cultural House such as Silent Auction: his Recent Works show in 1984, A Benefit Exhibition 1989. Doug produced an installation for 'You Are Here #1Dundas Street' in 2005. Some of the work he has produced during his time at the ECH include: Electron Gun, The Deluge; Acteon; and The Cutter which were also installed at College Park and his rhythm paintings which were displayed at the ECH.

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