Sleepwalking: Bob Black, Wu’er Kaixi, Yam Lau and Scott Savitt

November 20, 2021 at 7:00pm

The Embassy Cultural House (ECH) and the Words Festival are pleased to present an evening visit with the artists of "Sleepwalking," an exhibition and event series hosted by ECH in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong.

Sleepwalking: Bob Black, Wu’er Kaixi, Yam Lau and Scott Savitt
Hosted by Olivia Mossuto
20 November, 7PM

In China and Hong Kong, political issues are often spoken about indirectly. In Hong Kong to say “I’m going sleepwalking/I’m dreaming” is a way to say you are going to protest. Sleepwalking (夢遊): Embassy Cultural House stands with Hong Kong is an event series consisting of screenings, talks, readings, and exhibits in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong who continue to fight the 2019 extradition bill. As part of the series, and in collaboration with Wordsfest: The Literary and Creative Arts Festival in London, Ontario, we are pleased to present Sleepwalking: In Conversation with Bob Black, Wu’er Kaixi, Yam Lau, and Scott Savitt moderated by artist/organizer Olivia Mossuto. The conversation will acknowledge the complex and nuanced politics of Hong Kong in relation to their work as writers, poets, and activists.

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Authors & Presenters

Scott Savitt

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Yam Lau

Yam Lau is an artist and writer based in Toronto

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Wu'er Kaixi

Wu'er Kaixi is an activist and exiled dissident known for his leading role in the Tiananmen protests of 1989.

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Bob Black

Bob Black is an award-winning poet and photographer currently based in Toronto.

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