Water is Life: A Visit with GardenShip & State

November 17, 2021 at 7:00pm

Museum London and Words are pleased to present an evening visit with GardenShip & State, an exhibition of artists and curators who are investigating the role of water as a life-giving force as we face the Anthropocene.

Water is Life: A Visit with GardenShip & State
Hosts: Patrick Mahon and Jeff Thomas
Featuring Lori Blondeau, Tom Cull, Michael Farnan, Amelia Fay, Joan Greer, Mark Kasumovic, Mary Mattingly, Adrian Stimson, Andres Villar, and Michelle Wilson

This exhibition, currently on display at Museum London, brings together 20 artists and writers who engage in decolonial critique, environmental activism, and 21st century artistic practices to address what is arguably the problem of our times: environmental catastrophe. It asks how we can work together, and create together as a global community to restore the planet – while respecting differences, and seeking to repair divisions and address injustices brought about by colonialism.

Focusing on the role of water as a life-giving force in the time of the Anthropocene, our panelists will introduce their works and activist projects to highlight the show’s overriding preoccupation with the environmental crisis and decolonization. Water is Life will present a mix of regional and international writers and artists who will demonstrate how art projects addressing environmental challenges and positive social change, may be productively intertwined to flow in the direction of hope and possibility.

IMAGE: Lori Blondeau, Iskwew on Lake Winnipeg, digital photographs, 2018. Courtesy of the Artist.

Registration is Free

Authors & Presenters

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas is an urban-based Iroquois, self-taught photo-based story teller, writer, pubic speaker, and curator.

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Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson is a London-based artist.

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