Don McKay & Jane Munro: In Conversation

November 5, 2023 at 12:00pm

The Words Festival is very pleased to present two Griffin Poetry Prize-winning poets, Jane Munro & Don McKay, two of Canada's finest writers who will be joining us from Vancouver, British Columbia and St. John's, Newfoundland - poetry from coast to coast! Our host will be Western University Professor Joshua Schuster.

Don McKay & Jane Munro: In Conversation
Hosted by Joshua Schuster
Sunday, 5 November 2023, 12PM
Museum London

Collecting his recent essays with a few new poems and ‘stretchers’, Don McKay builds upon his decades-long exploration of poetry and its relationship to the world. Whether he’s paying tribute to poets Margaret Avison and Joanne Page, cracking wise about the impropriety of the F-word interrupting a consonant cluster, contemplating our relationship to the obscure worlds of fossils and lichens, or laying bare his own staggering grief, McKay’s wily notion of poetry resists the anthropoid urge to name or map with certainty the things we pursue, reinvigorating our capacity for wonder.

In this masterful collection, Griffin Poetry Prize winner Jane Munro balances her signature themes—dream life, the visual arts, the mysteries of the natural world—with an urgent, more directly political voice. While not shirking painful realities, the poems support the human capacity to climb ladders, arrive at fresh points of view, listen to one another, and greet despair with attention, wit—and hope.

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Authors & Presenters

​Don McKay

​Don McKay is the multi-award-winning author and poet.

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Jane Munro

Jane Munro is a Canadian poet, writer and educator.

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Joshua Schuster

Joshua Schuster is an associate professor of English at Western University.

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