Gimme The Shivers! A Scary Story Open Mic at Words

November 4, 2023 at 2:00pm

Do you have a scary story to tell? Want to share a haunted history of London?

Join us in the Centre at the Forks at Museum London for an afternoon of scary stories, urban legends, true crime tales, and more. In partnership with Brown & Dickson Bookmobile, and Antler River Poetry, we will be hosting a live multi-genre showcase of London storytellers, featuring Jason Dickson, Vanessa Brown, Carol McLeod, and Roméo Desmarais III.

Our host extraordinaire will be storyteller and comedian Veronica Antipolo (“Sassy La V”). Come out to hear some of London's best performers, writers, and artists tell their scary stories!

Gimme The Shivers! A Scary Story Open Mic at Words
Hosted by Veronica Antipolo

When: Saturday, 4 November 2023, 2PM
Where: Museum London, Centre at the Forks
(Due to cold weather and rain in the forecast, we will take this event indoors!)

We'll have hot apple cider for all!

Tell a story, 5 min or less, that sends shivers up your spine at Wordsfest and Brown & Dickson Bookmobile GIMME THE SHIVERS scary story open mic.

We also ask that everyone who plans to join us to register, so that we have enough chairs and cider for all.

Bring a scary story, bring a friend!

Register to join us at Museum London here

Authors & Presenters

Carol McLeod

Carol McLeod is a London author and librarian.

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Roméo Desmarais III

Roméo Desmarais is a Muskrat Métis du Grand Lac Ste-Claire poet, artist, and singer-songwriter.

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Veronica Antipolo

Veronica "Sassy la V" Antipolo is a comedian, storyteller, and speaker.

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Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown is a bookseller and award-winning author.

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Jason Dickson

Jason Dickson is a London-based poet and bookseller.

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