Canada’s First Superheroes

May 9, 2024 at 7:00pm

The Ting Comic & Graphic Arts Festival will explore the history of Canadian comic books, featuring contributions from Ramón Pérez, Ho Che Anderson, and Ivan Kocmarek.

Canada's First Superheroes
Featuring Ramón Pérez, Ho Che Anderson, Ivan Kocmarek
Hosted by Josh Lambier
TAP Centre for Creativity
9 May 2024, 7:00 PM

Yes! In Canada, we had our own comic books during World War II and they were filled with a glorious constellation of our home-grown heroes grappling with the Axis at home and abroad. Learn more about Nelvana, Freelance, Thunderfist, Johnny Canuck, Speed Savage, The Penguin, Brok Windsor, Canada Jack, and Commander Steel from Ivan Kocmarek, Ho Che Anderson, and Ramón K Pérez as they go into conversation with panel host Josh Lambier, founder and artistic director of Words Festival.

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Authors & Presenters

Ramón Pérez

Ramón Pérez is a Canadian cartoonist and writer.

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Ho Che Anderson

Ho Che Anderson is a cartoonist and comics artist.

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Ivan Kocmarek

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Josh Lambier

Josh Lambier is the Artistic Director of the Words Festival.

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