"Mind Pictures": Etienne Zack in Conversation

May 23, 2024 at 1:00pm

In partnership with the Michael Gibson Gallery, we are pleased to present a visit with painter Etienne Zack, who will join us for a virtual conversation about his current show.

"Mind Pictures": Etienne Zack in Conversation
Thursday, 23 May 2024, 1PM (EST)
Zoom Webinar

For more information about the exhibition, visit Michael Gibson Gallery.

Etienne Zack‘s inaugural solo show with us is a moving visual experience. His work defies categorization where his intensely detailed canvases are both abstract and representational. Described in the past as mind landscapes, complex stage sets or mosaics of dreamlike abandon, the environments that he creates push the parameters of what constitutes painting. With this new body of work, Zack merges traditional materials, text, language and photo transfers to paint the process of his thinking.

Based on copious notes that he makes for each artwork, Zack’s paintings are “a material response intended at understanding perception amidst a barrage of images”. From previously visited landscapes that are missing key details to closely documented real-time abandoned interiors, the paintings are perceptual journeys. They mirror each other and reflect our present-day existence in a digital age.

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