Madeline Lennon

Passionate for art and art history, Madeline Lennon is a distinguished professor emerita of Western University who finds it a joy to teach students and work with contemporary women artists.

Born in New York City, Madeline Lennon studied at St. Helena High School in New York City and completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the College of New Rochelle. Upon her arrival in London, Ontario, she decided to change her field from English literature to art history. She studied in Paris and then entered graduate studies in the History of Art at the University of Toronto. Specializing in Renaissance and Baroque art history, she began teaching in the Visual Arts Department at Western in 1979 when she replaced several colleagues on their sabbatical leaves. In 1984 she was hired permanently at Western to develop the Western Literature and Civilization Program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature before returning to Visual Arts in 1995 as Department Chair.

Her interactions with studio professors and contemporary artists in the community led to a new interest in contemporary art. As a result, she developed the first course for the Western curriculum on women artists. Lennon retired in 2008 but continues to publish, her most recent being a book on First Nations artist Shelley Niro. She continues to support visual arts students through an essay award scholarship.

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