Spoken Wordshop with David Silverberg

November 6, 2016 at 1:00pm

How can you create lively engaging spoken word poetry? How do you get started, what sort of subjects should you write about?  In this writing workshop for budding spoken word poets, author and spoken word poet David Silverberg will offer hands-on advice to building confidence as a poet, finding the right language to express yourself creatively, and sourcing the ideal subject matter to inspire your spoken word poetry. You'll leave this workshop, er, wordshop, feeling empowered and inspired. 

David is a spoken word poet, arts educator, workshop leader, artistic director, producer and journalist. He founded Toronto Poetry Slam, one of Canada's largest spoken word events.

He has  performed across Canada, including at events such as the Luminato Festival of the Arts, Word on the Street, Words Aloud Poetry Festival in Durham, Vancouver Poetry Slam, Saskatoon Poetry Slam, Throw Poetry Slam in Montreal and many more.

David's debut book of poetry Bags of Wires was published by LyricalMyrical Press in 2007.

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Authors & Presenters

David Silverberg

Spoken word poet, arts educator, and founder of Toronto Poetry Slam

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