Poems in Response to Peril: A Gathering of Poets for Ukraine

November 5, 2022 at 12:00pm

How do poets respond to precarious events in the world? Poets Penn Kemp and Richard-Yves Sitoski have co-edited Poets in Response to Peril, an anthology which brings together 61 poems by 48 of Canada’s most prominent poets in response to the current crisis in Ukraine and other perils afflicting our troubled times.

Words is very pleased to host an event to celebrate the anthology, featuring readings by Penn Kemp, Richard-Yves Sitoski, Robert Priest, Andreas Gripp, Jennifer Wenn, Karl Jirgens, Frances Roberts Reilly, Patricia Keeney, Shelly Siskind, and Susan Wismer.

Poets in Response to Peril: A Gathering of Poets
5 November 2022, 12:00PM to 1:30PM
Museum London

Profits from the book will be directed toward PEN Ukraine’s efforts to provide the Ukrainian cultural community with evacuation and resettlement help.

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Authors & Presenters

Penn Kemp

Penn Kemp is a poet, performer and playwright

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Shelly Siskind

Shelly Siskind is a Canadian Author and Poet, Advocate, Trager Practitioner and compassionate Community Leader.

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Patricia Keeney

Patricia Keeney is an award-winning poet, novelist, theatre and literary critic.

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Susan Wismer

A former professor of environmental studies at the University of Waterloo, Susan Wismer is a poet, gardener, dancer, and activist.

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Robert Priest

Robert Priest is a Canadian poet, children's author and singer/songwriter.

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Karl Jirgens

Karl Jirgens is a writer, editor and professor at the University of Windsor.

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Frances Roberts Reilly

Frances Roberts Reilly is a poet and filmmaker.

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Andreas Connel-Gripp

Andreas Connel-Gripp is a poet and publisher in London, Ontario.

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Richard-Yves Sitoski ​​

R​ichard-Yves Sitoski is a songwriter, performance poet, and the 2019-2023 Poet Laureate of Owen Sound, Ontario

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