Poetry Live! An Evening of Open Mic Poetry

November 2, 2019 at 8:00pm

Are you a poetry aficionado in London? Join us for Poetry Live!, an evening of open mic poetry at WordsFest London Canada, featuring Tom Cull!

Where: Museum London, Centre at the Forks North

When: 2nd of November, Saturday night, 8pm - 10pm

Cost: FREE and open to all ages

Features poets: Tom Cull

Bring a poem, bring your friends!

Everyone is welcome to join us for an evening of poetry, literary trivia, food and drinks as part of the Words Festival! Over the course of the evening, our host extraordinaire, Tom Cull, will open the floor to poets of all shapes, sizes, and varieties!

When you arrive at Museum London, you can register to read your poetry at the sign-up desk.

Come on down to Words and read your poetry on Saturday night!

This event is held in partnership with London Poetry Slam, London Open Mic Poetry, and Poetry London.

Authors & Presenters

Tom Cull

Tom Cull is a poet, a creative writing professor, community organizer, and former Poet Laureate of London

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