2022 Authors & Speakers

Adam Corrigan Holowitz

Adam Corrigan Holowitz works as a dramaturg, director and playwright.

Andreas Connel-Gripp

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Andreas Connel-Gripp is a poet and publisher in London, Ontario.

Anita Kunz

11/06/22 @ 2:00pm

ANITA KUNZ is an artist and illustrator living in Toronto.

Blair Trewartha

11/26/22 @ 7:00pm

Blair Trewartha is a London-based poet.

Christopher Keep

10/27/22 @ 7:00pm

Christopher Keep is a professor of English & Writing Studies at Western

D.A. Lockhart

11/05/22 @ 2:00pm

D.A. Lockhart is a writer and poet.

David Barrick

11/11/22 @ 5:00pm

David Barrick is a writer, poet, and creative writing professor at Western.

Diana Tamblyn

11/19/22 @ 2:00pm

Diana Tamblyn is an award-winning artist and graphic novelist

Doug Mitchell

Doug Mitchell is a London, Ontario-based multimedia artist who works with many different mediums such as: painting, sculpture, sound, photography and illustrations amongst others.

Eddie Lartey

11/05/22 @ 7:00pm

Poet Eddie Lartey is the Canadian Poetry Slam Champion of 2022.

Frances Roberts Reilly

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Frances Roberts Reilly is a poet and filmmaker.

Frank Ridsdale

11/05/22 @ 5:00pm

Frank Ridsdale is a London, Ontario based singer songwriter who has been performing for more than 40 years.

Girma Bitsuamlak

11/13/22 @ 2:00pm

Dr. Bitsuamlak is a Professor in Wind Engineering at Western University

Greg Kopp

11/13/22 @ 2:00pm

Dr. Greg Kopp is a professor in Western University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Guy Vanderhaeghe

11/09/22 @ 7:00pm

Guy Vanderhaeghe is an award-winning Canadian novelist and short story writer.

Helen Gregory

11/05/22 @ 4:00pm

Helen Gregory is an artist and curator at McIntosh Gallery.

Ivan Coyote

11/29/22 @ 7:00pm 11/10/22 @ 6:00pm

Ivan Coyote is a writer, storyteller, and the Alice Munro Creativity Chair at Western.

Jacqueline Demendeev

11/19/22 @ 2:00pm

Jacqueline Demendeev is a London-based painter and cartoonist.

Janice Zolf

11/04/22 @ 7:00pm 11/13/20 @ 7:00pm

Janice Zolf is a filmmaker and journalist.

January Rogers

11/10/22 @ 6:00pm 11/12/22 @ 3:00pm

January Rogers is a Mohawk/Tuscarora writer from Six Nations of the Grand River.

Jennifer Wenn

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm 11/03/19 @ 10:00am

Jennifer Wenn is a London writer and speaker.

John Borrows

11/09/22 @ 4:00pm

John Borrows is a world-renowned law professor at the University of Victoria.

Joshua Schuster

11/13/22 @ 2:00pm

Joshua Schuster is an associate professor of English at Western University.

Judith Rodger

​Judith Rodger is a freelance curator and art historian.

Karl Jirgens

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Karl Jirgens is a writer, editor and professor at the University of Windsor.

Kirsty Robertson

Kirsty Robertson is Director of Museum and Curatorial Studies in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University.

Lana Crossman

11/26/22 @ 7:00pm

Lana Crossman is a poet based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Lewis Williams

11/13/22 @ 2:00pm

Lewis Williams is an interdisciplinary, Indigenous, feminist scholar-practitioner at Western University

Lorraine Klaasen

11/05/22 @ 5:00pm

Lorraine Klaasen is a South African born singer/performer and a 2013 Canadian JUNO Award winner.

Madhur Anand

11/05/22 @ 2:00pm 11/04/22 @ 7:00pm

Poet and Canada Research Chair in ecology and environmental science at Guelph University

Matthew Dawkins

11/10/22 @ 6:00pm 11/05/22 @ 7:00pm

Matthew Dawkins is the 2022-23 Student Writer-in-Residence at Western University.

Michael Arntfield

11/06/22 @ 4:00pm

Michael Arntfield is a veteran police officer, professor, and television host.

Molly Peacock

11/08/22 @ 7:00pm

Molly Peacock is an acclaimed poet, essayist and creative nonfiction writer.

Omar El Akkad

11/05/22 @ 11:00am 11/04/22 @ 7:00pm

Omar El Akkad is an author and journalist.

Patricia Keeney

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Patricia Keeney is an award-winning poet, novelist, theatre and literary critic.

Penn Kemp

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Penn Kemp is a poet, performer and playwright

Phillis Levin

11/08/22 @ 7:00pm

Phillis Levin is an American poet, essayist, and editor.

Rebecca Zandbergen

11/05/22 @ 1:00pm 11/04/17 @ 10:00am

Rebecca Zandbergen is the host of CBC's London Morning

Richard-Yves Sitoski ​​

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

R​ichard-Yves Sitoski is a songwriter, performance poet, and the 2019-2023 Poet Laureate of Owen Sound, Ontario

​Robert Earl Stewart

Robert Earl Stewart is a writer, poet, photographer and former reporter for The Windsor Star.

Robert Priest

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Robert Priest is a Canadian poet, children's author and singer/songwriter.

Robyn Marie Butt

11/26/22 @ 7:00pm

Robyn Marie Butt is a writer of poetry, fiction, drama & creative nonfiction

Salah Hassan

11/05/22 @ 11:00am

Salah Hassan is the Director of the Global Studies in Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University.

Shelly Siskind

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

Shelly Siskind is a Canadian Author and Poet, Advocate, Trager Practitioner and compassionate Community Leader.

Stan Dragland

11/06/22 @ 12:00pm

Stan Dragland was an author, professor, and founding editor of Brick Magazine and Brick Books

Stephen Marche

11/05/22 @ 1:00pm

Stephen Marche is a novelist and essayist.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is an award-winning writer, editor, and writing teacher.

Susan Wismer

11/05/22 @ 12:00pm

A former professor of environmental studies at the University of Waterloo, Susan Wismer is a poet, gardener, dancer, and activist.

Terry Griggs

11/06/22 @ 12:00pm

Terry Griggs is a Canadian author.

Tom Cull

Tom Cull is a poet, a creative writing professor, community organizer, and former Poet Laureate of London

Tom Smart

Tom Smart is an art Gallery director, curator, author, essayist and consultant to art galleries and museum.

Vanessa Brown

11/06/22 @ 4:00pm

Vanessa Brown is a bookseller and award-winning author.

Veronica Antipolo

11/06/22 @ 2:00pm

Veronica "Sassy la V" Antipolo is a comedian, storyteller, and speaker.

Wayne Johnston

11/05/22 @ 4:00pm 11/04/22 @ 7:00pm

Wayne Johnston is a Canadian novelist.


10/27/22 @ 7:00pm

Wormwood is an electroacoustic project comprised of Christina Willatt and Andrew Wenaus.

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