2018 Authors & Speakers

Aaron Kreuter

11/04/18 @ 2:00pm

​Aaron Kreuter is a Canadian writer of fiction and poetry

Aaron Schneider

11/03/18 @ 10:00am

Aaron Scheider is an Editor, Author, and Creative Writing Professor

Bill Bissett

11/04/18 @ 6:00pm

Bill Bissett is a poet and artist

Brian Goldman

11/04/18 @ 3:30pm

Dr. Brian Goldman is a veteran ER physician, author, and CBC radio host

Camille Intson

11/03/18 @ 10:00am

Camille Intson is the student writer-in-residence at Western University

Cherie Dimaline

11/02/18 @ 7:00pm

Cherie Dimaline is currently Western's Writer-in-Residence

David Huebert

11/04/18 @ 2:00pm

David Huebert is a Canadian writer of fiction, poetry, and critical prose

David White

11/03/18 @ 10:00am

David is a London author

Deanna Young

11/04/18 @ 12:00pm 11/03/18 @ 12:00pm

Deanna Young is the author of four books of poetry.

Emma Donoghue

11/02/18 @ 7:00pm

Emma Donoghue is an award-winning novelist, playwright, and screenplay writer.

Holly Painter

11/03/18 @ 8:00pm

Holly Painter is a spoken word poet, public speaker, and certified teacher

James Reaney

11/03/18 @ 1:00pm

James Stewart Reaney will deliver the annual James Reaney Memorial Lecture

Jay Stephens

11/03/18 @ 6:00pm

Jay Stephens is a cartoonist

Jesse Jacobs

11/03/18 @ 6:00pm

Jesse Jacobs is a cartoonist from London

Joe Ollmann

11/03/18 @ 6:00pm

Joe Ollmann is a cartoonist and graphic novelist

Julie Bruck

11/03/18 @ 3:00pm 11/03/18 @ 12:00pm

Julie Bruck is a writer and poet

Kathy Page

11/04/18 @ 5:00pm

Kathy Page is the UK/Canadian author of seven novels

Kristen den Hartog

11/03/18 @ 1:00pm

Kristen den Hartog is a Canadian fiction and memoir writer

Lee Maracle

11/04/18 @ 1:00pm

Lee Maracle is poet and author

Lisa Moore

11/03/18 @ 2:00pm 11/02/18 @ 7:00pm

Lisa Moore is an author from Newfoundland

Mary McDonald

11/03/18 @ 4:00pm

Mary McDonald is a London-based writer and multimedia artist

Maxwell Lucas

11/03/18 @ 4:00pm

Maxwell Lucas is a musician and artist based in London Ontario.

Nino Ricci

11/03/18 @ 11:00am

Nino Ricci is the Alice Munro Chair in Creativity at Western University

Paige Cooper

11/04/18 @ 5:00pm 11/04/18 @ 2:00pm

Paige Cooper is an author and short story writer from Montreal

Penn Kemp

11/04/18 @ 11:00am 11/03/18 @ 4:00pm

Penn Kemp is a poet, performer and playwright

Peter Denny

11/04/18 @ 6:00pm

Peter Denny is a member of Luddites & retired professor of psychology

Randall Maggs

11/03/18 @ 3:00pm

Randall Maggs is a Canadian poet and Emeritus Professor at Memorial University

Russell Smith

11/04/18 @ 2:00pm

Russell Smith is an author, journalist and cultural commentator

Samantha Brennan and Tracy Isaacs

11/04/18 @ 12:00pm

Tracy Isaacs & Samantha Brennan are philosophers and creators of their blog, Fit Is a Feminist Issue

Stephen Brunt

11/03/18 @ 3:00pm

Stephen Brunt is a sports journalist, author, and radio host

Steven Bruhm

11/03/18 @ 5:00pm

Steven Bruhm is the Robert and Ruth Lumsden Professor of English at Western University

Susan Musgrave

11/04/18 @ 11:00am

Susan Musgrave is a poet, novelist, columnist, reviewer, editor and non-fiction writer

Tom Cull

11/03/18 @ 12:00pm 11/03/18 @ 4:00pm

Tom Cull is a poet, a creative writing professor, community organizer, and Poet Laureate of London

Willow Dawson

11/03/18 @ 6:00pm

Willow Dawson is an author, illustrator and graphic novelist.

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