An Evening with iskwē & Sarah Legault: Hosted by Savanah Sewell

November 19, 2020 at 7:00pm

The Words Festival is pleased to present an evening with iskwē & Sarah Legault, hosted by Savanah Sewell!

A Juno Award–nominated electro-pop artist, iskwē is one of Canada’s most prominent musical voices known for the communicative power of her multi-disciplinary performances and she is a champion of social and political issues of pressing concern for Indigenous communities across the country and the world. Sarah Legault is a Juno Award-winning director, filmmaker, producer, animator, builder and writer. Sarah teamed up with iskwē to direct and animate the song, Little Star (2019), which premiered on and gained attention by CBC Music, NOW Magazine, earning her the 2020 Juno Award for Music Video of the Year.

iskwē’s new album acākosīk foregrounds her unique combination of traditional Indigenous sounds with the musical styles of industrial pop rock, post-rock, and electro-pop to produce a unique and immersive experience. The lyrics of one song in particular, “Little Star,” demonstrate her commitment to social justice for Indigenous peoples, as it tells the story of her response to the media coverage of the trials of Gerald Stanley and Raymond Cormier, the two men who were charged for the deaths of Colton Boushie and Tina Fontaine.

Our host Savanah Sewell will join iskwē and Sarah to talk about their award-winning collaboration to produce "Little Star"!

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Authors & Presenters

Sarah Legault

Sarah Legault is a director, filmmaker, producer, animator, builder and writer.

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iskwē is an Indigenous pop & electronic music singer and author.

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